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May 24, 2006

Pattern Of U.S. Military Operations Since World War II

From Strategy Page

A Washington think tank has announced a breakthrough in the search for a pattern in US military activities since World War II that might predict what the future missions of the US will be in the post-Cold War world.

"We think they are spelling out a message," explained an unnamed spokesperson. "Just look at the places where the US has fought: Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Iran, El Salvador, Grenada, Nicaragua and Somalia.

If you rearrange the first letters of those countries, it spells 'ELVIS _S KING.' We just need to find another 'I' country to complete the message."

Who's next, Italy, India, Ireland, Indonesia . . . ?

Come on people! If you're like me and hate a mystery, or can't stand that empty blank in the sentence, or if you're just a huge Elvis fan, help me out.

What country that begins with an "I" can we attack?

P.S. I have a little test for you.

What Rock Legend is quoted as saying this; "The only thing worse than a Phrenchman is a Phrenchman in Canada" ?

- Joatmoaf -

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