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October 24, 2004

Too Funny

Interesting endorsement of my man Shrubya. I like it:

Bush Makes Me Laugh And I'm Voting for Him
Almost always, Bush means what he says. Sometimes he means it so much it hurts. Bush can be painfully sincere; you can see how badly he wants you to understand and agree with him. The European line that he is arrogant is bunk; the European definition of "arrogant" is "any American who doesn't kiss my behind."
In fact, Bush errs on the side of diffidence, sometimes even tentativeness. Invariably he tells the truth as he sees and feels it. But he is not an articulate man (you've noticed?), and sometimes you can see him fighting for words like an asthmatic fighting for breath. For a Bush supporter, for anyone with normal human sympathies, those moments are agonizing. They used to happen occasionally to Ronald Reagan too. It doesn't hurt to remember that Reagan was a great president.

You may have noticed that I, too, like to poke a bit of gentle fun at the President. But that's because he doesn't mind poking a bit of fun at himself. That's what I love about the man - his grace and willingness to let his guard down.

I can honestly say this, and you won't hear me say it again. I've seen a lot of Presidents come and go, and this one is my favorite.

That's why I don't talk about it much.

- Cassandra

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Cassandra, you're really resenating with me today. Thanks.

Posted by: Kate at Oct 24, 2004 2:46:00 PM

Speaking of poking fun at himself - intentionally or otherwise - I saw another newsclip of Kerry trying to be one of the boys, again. The first time I saw one, he and another fellow were tossing a football to one another. They must have been a good five or six feet apart. When the ball wss tossed to Kerry, well, he dropped it. The last clip I saw was of Kerry and his daughter having a catch with both wearing mitts. She tossed him the ball and - you've got it - he dropped it. Whatta guy!

When he tosses out a ball at a baseball game and it doesn't reach homeplate, it's the guy who's catching who is at fault. When he falls skiing, it's the Secret Service's fault. Think Kerry's the type of guy to poke fun at himself? You know, like one of the guys.

Posted by: RIslander at Oct 24, 2004 3:50:23 PM

W just "gets it"................an intrinsic value, much like Laura's "Class"...you can't buy it, teach it, or steal it. It's either there or not. Those that have it, know it. Those that don't, desire it.


sign the SF180 Senator

Posted by: Greg at Oct 24, 2004 5:58:29 PM

Kerry can't make fun of himself nor let a challenge go, well, unchallenged. I was reading Baldilocks' comments about THK, and she put a different face on her...one that I am sure that a lot of people don't see. Go check it out. You actually feel sorry for her. Teresa, not Saigon John.

Posted by: Cricket at Oct 24, 2004 9:20:37 PM

Cricket, I can understand all of those things. But it still doesn't excuse ungracious behavior. I've heard more people try to excuse that darned remark (and I know that's not what Juliette was doing) and it just doesn't fly with me.

It wasn't unforgivable, but it was...typical. And that's what's so bad. It wasn't a momentary lapse. It was just another day in the life of THK. She does that sort of thing all the time: she just tosses off remarks like that with little thought of how hurtful or cruel or cutting they might be.

In an ordinary person it would merely be bad taste and cause to avoid her socially.

In the wife of a head of state, it's absolute poison.

It's not cheeky, or sexy, or saucy.

It's just plain tacky.

She should know better by now. She should have more self-control. I've lived in a fishbowl like that and I know that it's sheer hell, but you get used to it fairly quickly and you learn that there are certain things you just don't do. I lived like that for 4 years, and again for 3 years in another tour. If you're in a political job, you have to weigh every word, because every thing you say reflects, not only on you, but on your husband and on his job and the organization he works for. It's not fair and it's annoying but that's life. She needs to grow up and get used to it.

I wouldn't want to do it again, but if I had to, I would do it. I do it at work just like everyone else does - you don't behave the same way in every setting - there is a time and place for different behavior. And if there's a line to be drawn, then at time you stay well to one side of the line to make sure you don't cross it by accident.

She doesn't seem to get that concept at all. And that scares me.

Posted by: Cassandra at Oct 24, 2004 9:39:04 PM

I can agree with that. She strikes me as unhappy, but not so unhappy that she can't be gracious if she wanted to. I just felt sorry for her because she most likely doesn't want him to be President and well, I will do my part to see that doesn't happen.

Posted by: Cricket at Oct 25, 2004 5:17:15 PM