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July 23, 2004

Daily Jetstream

Oh thank God. The WaPo is focused like a laser beam on the Berger scandal... What did the White House know about Berger and when did they know it??? This is the front page lead folks. 'Hats....

Marine bumper stickers, via StrategyPage. Only a Marine would say this:

"It's not an attitude problem, we are that good."

An Army report found 94 abuse cases in Iraq and Afghanistan:

The US army has found 94 cases of confirmed or possible abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan, including the infamous brutal treatment of Iraqi detainees by US soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. But the army inspector-general who examined US interrogation and detention policies after the Abu Ghraib scandal on Thursday said he found no evidence of systemic policy failures.
Lt Gen Mikolashek said the abuses resulted from soldiers not adhering to army standards and from inadequate oversight by some leaders. His findings largely mirror those of Major General Antonio Taguba, who completed the first investigation into the Abu Ghraib abuses by concluding that a "failure of leadership" had allowed a few rogue soldiers to run amok.

In Boston, a federal judge ordered barbed wire fencing left up to restrain protesters during DNC convention. I'm struggling to imagine the furor if this happened in NYC during the RNC convention.

On the otter heiny, why not just let the protesters have free rein? Via Purple Raider.

On the gay marriage front, activists protested Virginia's new anti-gay marriage law which took effect Thursday. Meanwhile, in Ontario a lesbian couple sought Canada's first same-sex divorce, ending a 10-year relationship after a stunning 5 days of married life. And they said it wouldn't last... Via spd rdr.

Wendy McElroy suggests the media actually read Hofstra's study on Educator Sexual Misconduct before getting their collective pantyhose in a knot. Ms. McElroy obviously has not been to journalism school and should not presume to question the professionals. This is what happens when you let women out of the kitchen.

Republican 9/11 commission chairman John Lehman says in an interview with NRO's Rich Lowry that they were "mugged by Viacom":

"I think we were mugged by Viacom," Lehman told NRO in a phone interview on Thursday afternoon. "Because they changed the release date of the book and geared up 60 Minutes to launch his book to time them with his testimony and they edited his book to take out all of the criticisms of Clinton from his [original private] testimony. Because they wanted to make it a jihad against Bush."
Lehman says that Clarke's original testimony included "a searing indictment of some Clinton officials and Clinton policies." That was the Clarke, evenhanded in his criticisms of both the Bush and Clinton administrations, who Lehman and other Republican commissioners expected to show up at the public hearings. It was a surprise "that he would come out against Bush that way." Republicans were taken aback: "It caught us flat-footed, but not the Democrats."
Clarke's performance poisoned the public hearings, leading to weeks of a partisan slugfest. Lehman says Republican commissioners felt they had to fight back, adding to the partisan atmosphere. "What triggered it was Dick Clarke," says Lehman. "We couldn't sit back and let him get away with what he wanted to get away with." He adds, "We were hijacked by a combination of Viacom and the Kerry campaign in the handling of Clarke's testimony."

Via RatherBiased.com.

- Cassandra

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Some have said {*whispered: *not me dear**} that the best way to get back at the homosexuals is to give them what they want, marriage.

Let's see how long homosexuals continue to do better than heterosexuals in wealth accumulation now that they can lose 1/2 their stuff every few years too.


Posted by: KJ at Jul 23, 2004 10:06:19 AM

Oh, you dog...

Posted by: Cassandra at Jul 23, 2004 10:08:31 AM