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May 24, 2004

Truer Words...

Jules Crittenden in the Boston Herald:

... In Washington, the hot-ticket hearings are not about how to boost security in Iraq, how best to make our occupation and the transfer of sovereignty successful. The hearings in fact have had little to do even with the welfare of Iraqi detainees or the administration of justice. They degenerated immediately into a highly politicized argument over who should pay for it.
Now, we hear that U.S. representatives are jealous of senators for hogging media face-time on the issue. Active military investigations and trials are not sufficient on this matter, not when there is an opportunity to stage a highly public drama with indignation and inquisitorial questions. The attention is where the politicians want it - on them.
So as those who are murdering U.S. soldiers and civilians in Iraq watch gleefully on satellite TV, our nation is engaging in its traditional pastime of tearing itself apart.
Who would have thought the chaos the thugs need would be generated inside the Beltway? The "quagmire'' is forming not in Fallujah but in Washington.

- Cassandra

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