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May 22, 2004

Strong Words

Colbert King stands up for the Cos, but he also has some thoughts of his own:

Fifty years ago few if any children in my neighborhood went to school hungry. Oh, we may not have carried a nutritionally balanced lunch in our brown bags. And breakfast may not have satisfied the recommended standards of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But bellies were full of something when we left home and when we went to bed at night, and it didn't fall to the government to do the feeding. Time was you could leave your doors unlocked. Your mother could walk to church meetings at night without a male escort. A child didn't have to fear strangers. And no boy would ever, ever think of robbing a helpless old man.
Time was we had something called families. When men and women came together and stayed together, whether out of love, for the sake of the kids, for both, or none of the above. Maybe they kept at it just to make each other miserable. But they stayed together, grew old together and cried when one of them died.
Another event took place in Washington on Monday that just about says it all.

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- Cassandra

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