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May 13, 2004

Crime: Another Miserable Failure Of That Bush Administration

Oh...this is way too funny.

With police officer after police officer going home in coffins (where are the pictures, by the way?), it's time for the president to admit that he planned his campaign against crime badly. It's easy enough to get into the criminal areas and knock heads together, but how will you build a new, more democratic system? We can't use role models from the outside -- that's insulting and imperialistic. And so the gangs keep fighting the police, attempting to protect their territory. Why didn't we plan ahead for this kind of resistance? We should have had more police officers. Maybe we should have held a draft.

I dedicate this post to my son, who's out patrolling the mean streets of Arlington today. Honey, this one's for you. :)

- Cassandra

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The mean streets of Arlington.

Look out Starsky, that drunken Senator has a gavel!


Posted by: KJ at May 13, 2004 9:38:45 AM

He called yesterday while he was driving in to work and told me the most hilarious story. They picked up some crazy guy, and he started ranting about how it was all a facist Bush plot and "you guys" (i.e., the police) had been tailing him ever since Sept. 11th (unfortunately he was of Arab descent).

My son is very polite and well-mannered, but (like his father) he doesn't suffer fools gladly.

After listening to this for a while, he told the guy to can it. He started up again, and finally my son had had enough, so he just started agreeing with him. The guy got all excited - finally someone was taking his conspiracy theories seriously. The other officer was looking at him like he'd gone mad, but they were just jabbering away like two old buddies rehashing old times. And then he loaded him into the patrol car and they took off.

Posted by: Cass at May 13, 2004 9:57:01 AM

I'm up there all the time. Can I use your name if he pulls me over?

Posted by: spd rdr at May 13, 2004 10:35:07 AM

Hey, you can try. One of the things he got hammered on during his interviews was when they asked him what he'd do if he pulled his Dad over for DUI and he looked at them and said, "take him in".

They tried to shake him on his answer, but he wouldn't budge.

That said, he really isn't a hard-ass. I've talked to him several times, and if people don't try to weasel out of things he's pretty reasonable.

What I'm worried about is I've been driving on an expired license for a year. He's already told me that if he catches me behind the wheel in VA he'll impound the car, and I'm inclined to believe him :) Anyway, I wouldn't put him in that position. He just shakes his head at me - "my mother, the scofflaw..." Oh well.

Posted by: Cass at May 13, 2004 11:00:02 AM


your story reminds me of a police recruit who was asked during an exam, what he'd do if he had to arrest his own mother. He answered: "Call for backup." heeheehee

I saved the police funnies doc. I'll e them to you for your son, in case you think he might enjoy them.

Posted by: CKC at May 13, 2004 11:14:24 AM

Hmmmm... probably doesn't take bribes either.
Well, then, I'll have to be on my best behavior when cruising the mean streets of NOVA.

Posted by: spd rdr at May 13, 2004 11:35:24 AM

The two biggest things he complains about are people who are belligerent when they get pulled over and people who make excuses.

I've found this to be true also. I've been pulled over twice now and not gotten a ticket - the last time my license was also (I'm ashamed to say) expired. :)

The last time, I really hadn't done anything wrong - I pulled out to pass in a passing zone and wasn't speeding with clear visibility on a straightaway. I still don't know why he pulled me over.

He asked me, "Are you in some kinda hurry to get to work?" I looked at the car clock and said, "Why no sir, I'm actually running early". He looked at me like 'you idiot'. I smiled back at him sweetly. When he looked at my license, I got a verrrry long look from under the eyelashes.

No ticket, just a lecture and an extracted promise to get my license renewed (which I did the next day, and I drove to the station to show it to him).

Posted by: Cass at May 13, 2004 11:46:45 AM

10 Reasons to procrastinate.


Posted by: joatmoaf at May 13, 2004 12:45:00 PM

Very funny, smart aleck :)

I'll get you...manana.

Posted by: Cass at May 13, 2004 12:48:11 PM


Posted by: purple raider at May 13, 2004 12:49:31 PM

Let me see if I can be of some assistance to a lady in need.

9. Cause I damn well feel like it.

10. Beer.

Posted by: Pile On® at May 13, 2004 4:32:31 PM

I can see that I'm the comic relief once again... [sigh]

Posted by: Cass at May 13, 2004 5:06:04 PM

It is fair to say that you haved lobbed a few too many snark grenades when people can't recognize that you are only trying to help. :(

Posted by: Pile On® at May 13, 2004 5:58:15 PM

Snark grenades!

I'm not sure that was even a snark spitball...

Posted by: Cass at May 13, 2004 6:29:22 PM

Uh....yeah...ok...now everyone read along at home as I type aloud...I was trying to help, not be snarky.

Posted by: Pile On® at May 13, 2004 6:32:03 PM

Mea culpa maxima: I've never been accused of being the brightest lightbulb in the chandelier.

I thought you were saying that I had lobbed a snark grenade in my reply, when you were only trying to help (which confused me) and therefore I replied that my poor reply was more like a snark spitball than a snark grenade.

I was cutting myself down, Mr. On, not you. I apologize.

Posted by: Cass at May 13, 2004 6:42:23 PM

I grant you, me not piling on® is durn confusicating. Guess I am not in a very good mood, for the second time in a week, I got caught on the freeway 30+ miles from home in a down pour that would choke a frog, I could hardly see the lines on the road. Both days it was raining lightly in the morning so I couldn't get my dogs to go outside before I left. You know what that means? Thats right, carpet shampooing.

Think I will go workout, then have a beer or three.

Posted by: Pile On® at May 13, 2004 7:01:19 PM


*taking cover*

Posted by: KJ at May 13, 2004 7:13:16 PM

Sorry hun. Been there - you have my sympathy. Hasn't been a stellar week for me, either. Wish I could think of something to cheer you up, but maybe the beer and the workout will help.

I felt much better the other day after I ran (after I felt much worse, I mean :)

Posted by: Cass at May 13, 2004 7:39:48 PM

Ok, I do feel better. The poor me crap is stupid, it isn't like I had an accident or got hurt by the rain. And its just dog poop, it cleans up. There are people that have it much worse.

I have the astros on one channel, and my spurs on another, remote in hand at the computer. Life is pretty good.

Still not in a mood to suffer fools though, think I will check out scrappleface.

Tell your son I said to be damned careful.

Posted by: Pile On® at May 13, 2004 8:41:41 PM

We all have momentary sense of humor failures. I remember coming home once to a similar situation after an hour and 1/2 commute in the rain and it really ruined my evening. And usually nothing upsets me for long.

There's something about having to break out the carpet cleaner after a long day at work that is distinctly off-putting. This is why the Good Lord in his Infinite Wisdom gave us Beer.

Posted by: Cass at May 13, 2004 9:12:52 PM