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May 16, 2004

China Headed for Fall?

Shhhh.... don't tell Ranbutan... :)

A FASCINATING drama is about to be played out in the world's biggest country. China's economy is growing too fast for comfort, and the country's leaders know it. In recent weeks they have promised forceful measures to cool things down, but it is not clear what they will or can do. Rumours are rife that China's central bank may raise interest rates for the first time in nine years.

- Cassandra

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You're making me nervous now, Cass.
It's one thing when a common commentor speaks the name which should not be spoken. It's an altogether different power source when it is spoken by the Mistress of the Blog, herself!
Can you do an edit on yourself, pleeeeease? (;

Posted by: CoLoRaDo KCat at May 16, 2004 12:10:24 PM

AAAAARRRGGGG!!!!! My eyes will never be the same. Boric acid all around. She spoke the name of 'you-know-who'! She is the Dumbledore /Gandalf of our time.

I wonder how you would say 'Greenspan' in Chinese.

Oh...Hippo Birdie Two Ewe, Cass.

Posted by: Cricket at May 16, 2004 12:41:40 PM

the name!
you wrote the name!
we cannot abide it!
please do not write it again!

Posted by: Dark Riders at May 16, 2004 5:09:28 PM

DARK RIDERRRRRS! Where they hey have you been?

In celebration of your return---Snackwells™ Debil's Food all around! (~;

I bet I could hit up Blondie for some W's, too!

Posted by: CoLoRaDo KiTtY cAt at May 16, 2004 6:02:30 PM

Busy busy busy,
fightin bureaucratic paperwork of the hand receipts for all the property/computers that our
Lieutenant Colonel is signed for. Snackwells would be good, might have to check the PX for some tomorrow morning. :) W's come on ice cream
sandwiches there too. :) Oooh we've been gaining weight. Probably need to diet.
Do you think these black cloaks make us look fat?

Back on topic "the one who shall not be named"
still has not joogled this blog and posted?
Maybe I_Love_Jet_Noise is not a big enough
stage for it to strut around on in the spotlight?

Or perhaps it is loathe to appear here since Mistress Elvira err Cassandra might discern it's true name and bind it with an enchantment?

Posted by: Dark Riders at May 16, 2004 7:16:08 PM

Missy Cassy is a tech wench and can discern evil through her Palantir. She will find the IP of the Evil One and will banish him to the Dark Side of Endor if he shows up here.

Then the Ewoks of Scrappleface will parade around Six Flags singing "Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead."

Posted by: Cricket at May 16, 2004 8:59:06 PM

I want to join the Ewoks. I LOVE them. I liked when they danced around and sang "Hallelujahmah" in one of the more "ancient" Star Wars movies.

I have 2 stuffed Ewoks (from the 80's--given to me by 2 different people on the same birthday!) my 3 wild and crazy guy musician friends and I went to birthday dinner at a nice restaurant at a hotel in Tulsa with the Ewoks in tow. Boy was that FUN!. I won't go into all the details, but I'm sure some people suspected alchohol on our parts, although there was none consumed. I carried the one that was decked out more masculine and was wearing a "LET'S PARTY" button. I put a nice rhinestone choker and matching earrings, and a flower/feather hair ornament on the other which was carried by my (crazier than the other 2) friend, Dan. If only we had video taped it. DANG I miss those crazy musician friends I had in abundance there! GOOD, good times!

Oh, Dark Riders---you'll need to step into the light for me to get a fair assessment as to whether or not your black cloaks make you look Teddy Kennedyish or not.
If you're buying ketchup/catsup, mustard, pickles, et al., at the PX--don't forget to just say NO to Heinz!

Posted by: CoLoRaDo KiTtY cAt at May 16, 2004 9:16:18 PM

Howdy Dark Riders, I think you summed up Ran pretty well, he is a big fish and this nice little pond just ain't big enough.

Regarding China, a certain someone keeps sending me articles on their economy. People there are making more money than they ever have and like most people that have more money than they need to subsist they want to invest it. One of the areas that has been liberated for investment and private ownership is real estate. So lots of people are are buying property, loans are cheap and it is driving up prices. The banks are not as good as western banks at evaluating risk and they could be heading for a big crash if the price of real estate drops, similar to our savings and loan problems in the eighties.

Posted by: Pile On® at May 16, 2004 10:48:44 PM