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May 09, 2004

Building on Brown

Clarence Page has some interesting observations on the academic progress of black students since Brown v. Board of Education outlawed segregation 50 years ago.

Today: We have narrowed the income and achievement gap between blacks and whites. But we unfortunately have widened the gap between black haves and have-nots.
Conclusion: We need a new black liberation movement that the courts alone cannot provide. We need to work with our families, schools, churches and other institutions to take advantage of the hard-earned victories that have come over the past half-century.
The past 50 years have made me optimistic about the progress African-Americans have accomplished. Our next big challenge is to narrow the achievement gaps for those who have been left behind.
Let us hope it does not take another 50 years for us to do it.

- Cassandra

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In other words, we need to be more like Asians, who raise up within the community, and less like whites, who leave their poor behind (and have to, or else they would be racist for trying to help other whites to the exclusion of others).

He is right, but does anyone else see that such conduct, helping others in the "community" b/c of skin color, is the type of bigotry we were supposed to wipe out with a "color blind" society.

I'm not claiming whitey gets the shaft here. There just is something inconsistent with these principals, both of which have validity.

Posted by: KJ at May 9, 2004 7:46:43 PM

KJ: you have a point. But on the whole I prefer self-help or enlightened self-interest over the hokey theory that somehow we're all going to go through like sacrificing to make sure everyone gets an exactly equal break.

That doesn't make sense (and I know you know that - I'm just preaching to the choir). None of us has time for that sort of nonsense. It make sense for us to look out for our own interests and those of our own communities first - after all, we are most familiar with them and have the greatest chance of impacting them. I don't have much chance of making someone's life better over in Bangladesh for Pete's sake, even though I may care in the abstract...

Posted by: Cassandra at May 10, 2004 10:20:56 AM


I am Pete and I live in Bangladesh. For my sake, please send me money, about $1,000 would help me tremendously. If you care, and I know you do, you would be doing my family a great service.

For Pete's sake, please send. Thank you.


Posted by: Pete at May 10, 2004 1:33:03 PM

Dear Pete:

As much as I would like to help you, I feel I really must help those in my own backyard. I have committed my money to a fund to help pissy lawyers from the greater Hotlanta area. Some of these poor souls have become so disturbed that they've taken to leaving snarky comments on otherwise serious blogs. You can understand that these people need professional help. I'm sure you would want them to receive it with all possible speed.

Try not to starve to death in the meantime - I'm sure John Kerry has a plan for Bangladesh. He doesn't want us to ship any jobs overseas, and he doesn't much like free trade either, but undoubtedly he has something else in mind.... Keep the faith.

Posted by: Cassandra at May 10, 2004 1:49:55 PM

Those poor poor souls. Godspeed on your project to help those Hotlanta lawyers. They clearly need your help more than I. I have to go now, a typhoon is about to sweep away my 17 children.

Posted by: Pete at May 10, 2004 2:05:46 PM

17 children! My goodness...You must drive a Porsche...or a BMW.

Posted by: Cassandra at May 10, 2004 2:42:02 PM