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May 21, 2004

Arab Media: Surprising Reactions to Abu Ghraib

From MEMRI.org, some surprising reactions to the Abu Ghraib scandal from the Arab media:

"We have gone overboard in our talk of the Abu Ghureib torture scandal… We tried to unite the world against the perpetrators of the torture at Abu Ghureib. None has dared acknowledge that the U.S. behaved properly in uncovering [this] scandal, for having sufficient courage to apologize. It could have remained silent, or denied it – as is the custom of some Arab regimes that torture, assassinate, bury alive, rip out fingernails, and dissolve [people] in pits of acid, and appear before the world like innocent children with angels' wings, using denial and falsehood."
- Kuwaiti daily Al-Siyassa
"A crime is not a crime unless it is committed by a foreigner. Torture is [carried out] by the Arabs with the consent of the Arab press, which is always silent about it. When someone tries to bring this up, he is accused of damaging the Arabs' good name, and of acting for the Zionist camp!
"No one is acquitting the Americans of what a group of jailers did to Iraqi prisoners. It is a crime… But it is inconceivable that the bribery of the Iraqi regime and the crimes of its adherents are exposed to the eyes of all, and we see the list of those who stole food and medicines – yet they walk with their heads high, because they know how we treat crimes…
"Ten [American] jailers photographed 100 naked [Iraqi ] prisoners. [But] our criminals ate the food of millions of the poor, and stole the medicines of thousands of the sick. Our media raised a ruckus about a hate-filled [American] soldier who urinated on an [Iraqi] prisoner. [But] the thieves of [our] food and medicines urinated on an entire nation, and the [Arab] media doesn't care about their crimes; it awarded medals to some, and kept silent about the others."
- Abd Al-Rahman Al-Rashed
"The American president, the president of the most powerful country in the world and the most developed with regard to science, art, culture, and democracy, apologized for the deeds of the American soldiers, and all the Americans also apologized for this shameful deed. And then the Arab intellectuals came, with their mocking, idiotic, and illogical media, and ridiculed this apology.
"The question arises whether Saddam or any other Arab leader [ever] apologized. Did Saddam apologize to the Iraqi people for burying a million Iraqis in the ground, for expelling millions of Iraqis, for murdering innocents in his prisons, for his crimes in neighboring countries, for invading Kuwait, and for murdering the Kuwaiti prisoners?
"Enough of your foolishness, Arabs! Hundreds of Kuwaiti prisoners fell victim to Saddam's crimes. Where were the Arab satellite channels, and why did no Iraqi official apologize?…
"Anyone who reads the Arab media [can get] an attack of madness. Had it not been for American democracy and the uncovering of the torture scandal by the American media, would the Arab media [ever] had heard about it? [Why?] Because [the Arab media] is preoccupied [with encouraging] ethnic [discord] and incitement to violence and terrorism!"
- Syrian columnist Hayan Nayouf

Sometimes doing the right thing pays off. Via EconoPundit.

- Cassandra

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Used this at a spot where whining is a universal theme, the discussion of politics forbidden due to 'hurt feelings' and 'I am gonna take my dolls and dishes and go home'
kind of thing.

Not all are whiners or get their feelings hurt easily, but those who do I have had my suspicions about being Secret Democrat Fifth Columns on the Order of Tom Hayden.

Posted by: La Femme Crickita at May 21, 2004 1:21:57 PM

speaking of Arab media....or are we?....:

Two US Marines are listening to the radio in Iraq.

"American soldiers," coos a soft female voice, "Your so-called national
leaders have lied to you. You are needlessly risking your lives to wage
a useless, unjust, illegal, and unwinnable war. Now is the time to return
home to your loved ones, while you are still alive. If you foolishly insist
on remaining where you are not wanted, the brave resistance fighters
will have no choice but to kill you and add your name to the long
ever-increasing casualty list of this insane war. So why risk never seeing
Your loved ones again for a so-called president who has repeatedly lied and
deceived you at every opportunity? Why should you be sacrificed so
that US corporations can enjoy fatter profits? The only wise thing to
do is return home now, while you are still drawing breath, before you
return zippered into a body bag."

"What's this?" sneers one Marine. "An Islamic-terrorist version of
Tokyo Rose or Hanoi Hannah?"

"No," answers the other. "It's just a CNN commentator."

Posted by: CKCat at May 21, 2004 1:39:39 PM