February 13, 2004

Some Phrench Ain`t So Bad

Those of you who know me already know, and those of you who don`t should know that I`m not very fond of Phrance or anything Phrench. Al Bundy, one of my all time heros, expresses my view of the Phrench perfectly, "God hates the Phrench". However, some Phrench ain`t so bad. There are 3 Phrench girls who work at the same place I do. One is truly Phrench, and while she`s a fine piece of eye candy who exhudes extreme hottitude her attitude is Classic Phrench. The other two are the nicest, sweetest women I have ever met, which proves to me that Phrenchness is a disease that can be cured!
What started changing my mind a little, and caused me to re-evaluate my policy of lumping all Phrench into the same catagory was when I started chatting and corresponding with Carine, former full time contributer and now part time contributer at Pave France and who, with Valerie has started their own blog at E-nough .

Make no mistake, Carine is NOT Phrench. She might have accidently been born there through no fault of her own, but she`s really an American. Anyone who is a better American patriot than many self proclaimed, flag waving, patriotic American men or women, is by my definition, American.
I used to have a link to an article about a man who lived on the Phrench/Belgian border who looks for buried things with a metal detector as a hobby. One day he found a charm bracelet with a name and inscription dating from WWII. This man, who I believe is French, took the time and effort to track down the owner and history of the bracelet which eventually led him to the widow of the man the bracelet belonged to. This fine French gentleman then used his own money to fly to Miami to personally deliver the bracelet to the widow of the U.S. Army paratrooper who was dropped behind enemy lines, killed in action, and never seen again.
Examples like this are why I say Some Phrench Ain`t So Bad.

On a much lighter, and funnier note: Check This Out


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