January 08, 2005

62nd Fighter Squadron. Oct. 2004, Key West

In October the 62nd Fighter Squadron visited us here at N.A.S. Key West. In addition to the tourism, fishing, sunshine and laid back party scene that can be had on their off time, we have one of the best T.A.C.T.S. ( Tactical Aircrew Combat Training Systems ) ranges anywhere, and pilots love to fly it because it`s relatively uncluttered with commercial air traffic and it`s huge. Think of the movie "Top Gun" and you`ll have an idea of what T.A.C.T.S. is.

While the 62nd was here the C.O. was nice enough the have some high quality image CDs made for me and over the last couple of days I have been uploading a few at a time. The pictures are huge JPEGS between 3 and 5 Mb each so it takes a while to re-size and upload. The MPEGS and PPVs aren`t supported at this site so I`ll have to think of something else for them.

So without (much) further ado here is the first batch re-sized between the 100 and 200 Kb area. Not excellent quality like the originals but pretty good nonetheless. Click the thumbnails to enlarge the picture.


3 in formation


Squadron designation and logo is on the vertical stabilizer (tail)


Look at all the water below. That`s where fish have sex. Think about that the next time you go swimming in the ocean.


Note the T.A.C.T.S. pod on the port (left) wingtip. The pod records everything about the flight. After the flight it is downloaded and digitally displayed at the T.A.C.T.S. center for critical analysis and evaluation of the pilots performance. Kind of like a really cool, really expensive video game.




This just looks cool



Now we`re talking fun. 45 degree climb


A little steeper this time at 90 degrees


Reverse 90 degree vertical climb AKA nosedive.


Upside down and backwards. Which is also how to cut crown molding.


Afterburner ON


I can`t remember the weight of JP5 per gallon but a good estimate of fuel consumption with that afterburner lit is about 90 gallons a minute. A Geo Metro it ain`t.




Always fire flares to avoid those pesky heat seeking missiles. It`s in The Manual.


In formation with F-18s from VF/A -106 who has a permanent detachment here. You can see some islands below.


Again. You can also see some more little islands.




That`s all for now it`s only 20 but I`ll post more later and these pictures are in the Kool Pix section of this blog.

Update: A reader asks for stats on the Falcon. Statistical information on the F-16 Falcon can be found here.

- Joatmoaf -

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