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March 14, 2006

Democratic Strategy

From Houston Texas

"Patriot No. 06-04 notes: 'So let's see if we have this straight: The Democrat Party's strategy for success includes raising taxes, abetting terrorists, losing wars, aborting babies, smearing judges, redefining marriage, promoting discrimination and rights for felons. Did we miss anything?' Well, yes—insisting on public education and opposing private education alternatives, suppressing Christianity, promoting secularism and atheism, promoting the breakdown of the family, minimizing penalties for all anti-social behavior while trying to remove guns from law-abiding citizens, supporting eco-terrorists, censoring the Internet, allowing foreign law to rule us, stopping any kind of energy development — just to name a few more."

As you can see there is a reason I'm a Conservative.

I'm sure that some Moderate Democrats will read this and take umbrage at me for painting the whole party with a broad brush. All I can say to that is that you particular people are individuals, singular and and island unto yourselves, as we all are.

But the Democratic Party as a whole, is no longer a party of the People as it shoule be, and it hasn't been since Nixon (who was a VERY good President by the way).
No, the Democratic Party has morphed into something akin to an Elitist Lobby.

Take a random, un-biased poll of 1 million people on the issues that the Democrats champion.
Issues such as the gay right to marry.
O.K I'll give then that since this is America and I don't know of any Federal law that explicatly bans it, but by the same token they should not be allowed to adopt children.

I don't care how loving and caring they would be as parents and it has nothing to do with the possibility of the chid growing up gay.

No, it's a Moral issue.
In my opinion (yes, I speak for those 1 million and more random, un-biased pollsters) the fact that 2 people who decided to get together with their own sex means that they have forfeited certain privileges that are afforded to couples of the opposites sex, i.e.; Babies.

Does this mean I'm a mean spirited poopyhead? Truth be told I am, but not when it comes to serious issues such as this (and others).
I have a practical, common sense point of view, and more importantly, I can keep the emotional aspect out of it.

This post isn't really about the gay adoption thing. That was just one of many Hot Topic items facing the Florida legislature right now, so I thought it would be appropriate. But that was just one example of the many Democratic Party fallacies.

The fact of the matter is they DON'T connect with their constituants.
They DON'T speak, or vote their constituants desires.
And worse of all.
Thay DON'T know. or even care.

Unfortunately the American public has a short attention span and can be very forgiving. Especially when it comes around to election time and the politicians are suddenly, and intensely interested in the voters.

Before you ask...Two things would make a big difference in how things work in Washington.

1. Tort reform laws.
2. A flat tax.

That flat tax alone would virtually eliminate Lobbyist because it would eliminate the tax codes that they hide under.
Millions of lawyers looking for jobs. What's not to like about that?

For what it's worth, there it is.
I was actually going to post another Sniper topic but I'm impulsive.
It can wait awhile. Besides, this is a good post and it makes a valid point.

- Joatmoaf -

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I think it's interesting how many people vote based on party loyalty rather than issues these days. Sometimes I wonder how much the platform even plays into voting decisions?

It must, but I hear people say they disagree with their party or hate the candidate but could never switch parties and that just floors me.

Posted by: Cassandra at Mar 14, 2006 10:02:04 PM

True. I've voted for a democrat a time or two and I'm in no way a traitor.

The candidate either has a platform that I like, or he doesn't.

I'll vote for a Conservative democrat over a RINO republican almost any day.

Posted by: Joatmoaf at Mar 15, 2006 12:03:24 AM

Acually, if you really want to improve the economy, and put tax lawyers out of business and abolish the IRS, support the Fair Tax.


It's time has come.

Posted by: saintknowitall at Mar 24, 2006 11:18:25 AM

Well, Fairtax isn't really "fair" for anyone but the government.
I don't yet know a whole bunch about it but from what I've read up til now it seems to be just another government welfare program to replace the current welfare program.
It would also be a much larger and therefore more controlling, governmental agency.

It's too vague as it stands now.

Posted by: Joatmoaf at Mar 24, 2006 11:59:04 AM

well nice to see the army has a newer m-24 / says max eff. range 800 meters... very interesting; in wwI the usmc fired 1903 (iron sighted 30-06 bolt action Springfield's over 800 meters.) they scared the crap and killed alot of germans at the battle of belleau wood 1918. well ooorah for the corp. a new motto should continue that the marines shall suck hind tit no more!

Posted by: bill at May 25, 2006 6:51:53 PM