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March 17, 2006

CENTCOM's 2006 Posture Statement

"General John P. Abizaid, commander, United States Central Command, puts out an annual statement on the posture of the United States Central Command. This is the 2006 posture statement that discusses various topics on the Global War on Terrorism. Some of the topics include “Nature of the Enemy”, “Situation Overview in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa”, “Other Regional Partnerships” and “Iran and Syria.”

That's part of an e-mail I recieved along with a link. So I click the link and Lo and Behold it's all there.

Situation Overviews and the Strategic Focus in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa just to name 2.

Here are just a few questions that are answered.

What are our goals and accomplishments?

How are we working to achieve them?

Who is helping and how?

What about the enemy? Who are they and how do they operate?

What about potential future problems in the region?

How does Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria or Iran fit into the picture?

If you've got questions about the war this report has answers.

It's longer than a Bill Whittle post and written in such a way that only an Official Document to the U.S. Senate can be. A Masterpiece of Bureaucratic Prose, chock full of important information.

Don't bother reading it if you don't have much spare time, but if you really want to know the skinny on the entire war effort from CENTCOM's perspective (the only perspective that really matters) here's the link.

CENTCOMs 2006 Posture Statement.

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