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October 23, 2005

Hurricanes Blow

While I`m not afraid of hurricanes the advent of Wilma has made me decide to leave for a few days.

It`s not fear of getting blown away or flooded that makes me leave, it`s simply that I`m Sooo tired riding them out, Every Month!

There are a lot of thing to do in order to be prepared for a hurricane. Shutters and such can stay up all season, but you still have to get "emergency gear" set up and ready.

I`m tired of it. Every freaking month some blowhard hurricane comes sashaying through here to pay a visit.

I`m going to Orlando or Jacksonville, on your dime because I have "Official Orders".
I have them during every hurricane but I figured I`d save you, the American taxpayer, a few bucks.

Not this time. This time I`m going to take it easy up north and not worry about a thing till I get back.

A free vacation if you will, paid for by you. So let her blow, I don`t care anymore.

Thanx for ponying up the cash for my trip.
See ya when I get back.

- Joatmoaf -

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October 13, 2005

Happy 230th Birthday US Navy


On Friday, October 13, 1775, meeting in Philadelphia, the Continental Congress voted to fit out two sailing vessels, armed with ten carriage guns, as well as swivel guns, and manned by crews of eighty, and to send them out on a cruise of three months to intercept transports carrying munitions and stores to the British army in America. This was the original legislation out of which the Continental Navy grew and as such constitutes the birth certificate of the navy.

You don`t look a day older than 225.

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October 12, 2005

Anyway Look At It, This Is Not Good

Cassandra is quitting.

Darn it!

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October 10, 2005


This is a computer generated graphic.
When she stops just refresh the page.
See how far you can make her fall.

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Why Bush Nominated Miers

Why did Bush nominate Harriet Miers you ask?

2 words.

Stragety & Loilty


The strategy of this nomonation seems to have been lost on many pollsters, commentators and pundits.
Politics is like War, in that, to be sucessful you must have a Goal, and to achieve that goal you need a good Strategy.

What is Bushs' goal?
I think it is to get a Supreme Court Justice on the bench who will interpret the law from a legal standpoint, rather than a political one.
The first rule in Strategy is: Alway have a Plan-B, (a C, D and E is good too). Plan-B can be used if Plan-A fails.
Plan-A is to get someone on the bench who can interpret the law from an "original intent" philosophy.
Plan-B is to get someone who might not be such a "purist" but is still good enough to be second best.

It`s my opinion that Miers is Bushs' Plan-B, and she has been for a long time.
I believe that her nomination stems from a contingency plan that was devised long ago, with her knowlege and consent, for just such an unexpected situation as this.

The strategy of the nomination is this; To achieve Plan-A, Plan-B must be sacraficed.
Miers is cannon fodder.
She will be the lightning rod that will absorb ideological and partisan critisism and re-acquaint the American public to just how nasty one of these hearings can be.

After the guns have silenced, while the Pros are sulking and the Cons are gloating, Bush will quietly slip in his original Plan-A choice.
After having seen the spectacle that was The Miers Hearings, the public will be in no mood for a Round 2.

The public has a short attention span, and while they will stop and look at a train wreck, they don`t want to see 2 of them.
Politicians know this and despite whatever misgivings they might have had over the nominee, they will approve him/her. Having been mollified over Miers, and continuing pressure from the public to "get on with the buisness of running the country", they will have no heart and no teeth to fight another battle.

The reason this strategy seems to have been lost on most of the armchair pundits is because they believe Bush really is stupid.
Something they seem to have forgotten is that picking the right person for the job is something Bush is very good at.
That they like to think he's stupid plays right into his hands. The best way to achieve your goal against opposition is to have the opposers underestimate you.
Every sucessful suprise military attack counts on the enemy underestimating you. Why should politics be any different?

And that's the Stragety of Bushs' choice.


The Loyalty reasons for this choice is obvious, and what people seem to be using as their excuse to be against it.
The problem is that those people want to confuse Cronyism with Loyalty. They are not the same.

Cro-ny-ism: Favoritism shown to old friends without regard for their qualifications, as in political appointments to office.

She is an old friend of his, no doubt about that, but is she un-qualified?
The short and sweet of it is this: "The Constitution does not explicitly establish any qualifications for Justices of the Supreme Court."

But we don`t have time or patience to rely on the Constitution in regards to Supreme Court nominees.
Not when politics and special intrests are concerned.

So, not being a lawyer I did some checking on her qualifications at a lawyers site.
Yes, just one lawyers site, but a very good lawyer nontheless who seems to know what he's talking about.
Beldar has been giving a thorough breakdown and evaluation of her qualifications and experience since the beginning.

THIS post in particular gives a rundown of her very capable knowlege and abilities.
Taking on and winning against such small buisnesses as Microsoft. (For the geeks out there)

For the lawyers out there the case of Jones v. Bush, 122 F. Supp. 2d 713 (pdf) is a good indication of her abilities.
It`s also a big part of where the "Loilty" comes in.

Not only is Bush loyal to her, but more importantly, she is loyal to him.

If by some fluke, she were to squeek by the hearings and be appointed, I think that her rulings will be more in line with "original intent" than politics or even "Loilty."

That is how Plan-A and Plan-B come together.
Submit the Plan-B nominee to act as Lightning Rod to be the target of Special Interests on both sides, and partisan politics.
When Plan-B nominee fails muster (as expected), submit Plan-A nominee.
Results: Due to the fact that the public has lost all respect and interest in these hearings, and the fact that it is the public that is the Bottom Line to a politician come election time, Plan-A nominee will pass the muster.

IF Plan-B does pass confirmation hearings to become the next Supreme Court Justice, then I still think Miers is totally "qualified".

Despite the media and popular opinion (YES, even on the right) Bush isn't stupid, but things work out better for him if you think he is.

That`s my non-legal, non-binding opinion.

"Dance puppets, DANCE!!!"

(I couldn`t resist :)

- Joatmoaf -

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October 08, 2005

Texas Justice

Why There Was No Looting In Texas

- Joatmoaf -

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On This Day

On This Day, October 8, 1918

Corporal Alvin C. York single handedly kills 25 German soldiers and captures 132.


During World War I, U.S. Corporal Alvin C. York is credited with single-handedly killing 25 German soldiers and capturing 132 in the Argonne Forest of France. The action saved York's small detachment from annihilation by a German machine-gun nest and won the reluctant warrior from backwater Tennessee the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Born in a log cabin in rural Tennessee in 1887, Alvin Cullum York supplemented his family's subsistence farming by hunting and, like his father, was soon an expert marksman. He also earned a reputation as a hell-raiser, and few imagined he would amount to anything but trouble. Around 1915, however, York experienced a religious conversion after a friend was killed in a bar brawl. He joined the fundamentalist Church of Christ in Christian Union and served as song leader and Sunday school teacher at the local church.

Two months after the United States declared war on Germany in 1917, York received his draft notice. Because his church opposed war, he asked for conscientious objector status but was denied at both the state and local level because the small Church of Christ in Christian Union was not recognized as a legitimate Christian sect. Enlisting in the 82nd Infantry Division, he was offered noncombat duty but eventually agreed to fight after being convinced by a superior that America's cause was just.

On October 8, 1918, York and 15 other soldiers under the command of Sergeant Bernard Early were dispatched to seize a German-held rail point during the Allies' Meuse-Argonne Offensive. The Americans lost their way and soon found themselves behind enemy lines. A brief firefight ensued with a superior German force, and in the confusion a group of Germans surrendered. However, German machine-gunners on a hill overlooking the scene soon noticed the small size of Early's patrol. Yelling in German for their comrades to take cover, the machine gunners opened fire on the Americans, cutting down half the detachment, including Sergeant Early.

York immediately returned fire and with his marksman eye began picking off the German gunners. He then fearlessly charged the machine-gun nest. Several of the other surviving Americans followed his lead and probably contributed to the final total of 25 enemy killed. With his automatic pistol, York shot down six German soldiers sent out of the trench to intercept him. The German commander, thinking he had underestimated the size of the American force, surrendered as York reached the machine-gun nest. York and the other seven survivors took custody of some 90 Germans and on the way back to the Allied lines encountered 40 or so other enemy troops, who were coerced to surrender by the German major that the Americans had in their custody. The final tally was 132 prisoners.

York was promoted to the rank of sergeant and hailed as the greatest civilian soldier of the war by several Allied leaders. He was given a hero's welcome upon his return to the United States in 1919 and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the nation's highest military decoration. In the 1920s, he used his fame to raise funds for the York Industrial Institute (now Alvin C. York Institute), a school for underprivileged children in rural Tennessee. He later opened a Bible school. Sergeant York, the 1941 film starring Gary Cooper, was based on his life. York died in 1964.


- Joatmoaf -

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October 07, 2005

Evening Classes For Men

Ok. I admit I might have posted an occasional, teeny tiny joke at the expense of all women everywhere, including Venus, where, according to a book, women are supposedly from.

But it`s all in fun, and to show you how BIG of a sport I can be, and in the interest of fairness and "journalistic integrity" (I almost got a hernia laughing at that) I submit to you, my Loyal Lady Readers, or, Blog Babes for short, this list of classes specially designed for Men.

Evening Classes For Men

Note: Due to the complexity and level of difficulty, each course will accept a maximum of eight participants each. Sign up early and get a discount on registration.

HOW TO FILL ICE-CUBE TRAYS. Step by step with slide presentation.


DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE LAUNDRY BASKET AND THE FLOOR. Practicing with hamper. Pictures and graphics.





REAL MEN ASK FOR DIRECTIONS WHEN LOST. [ EDITORS NOTE: No We Don`t ] Real-life testimonial from the one man who did.



HOW TO BE THE IDEAL SHOPPING COMPANION. Relaxation exercises, meditation and breathing techniques.



I guess in the manner of that Mars/Venus thing, it all boils down to our subtle, almost indistinguishable differences.
Women say "Poe-tay-TOE", men say "Tate-ER". Those subtle differences also extend to words and their meanings.

For instance: Eight Words With Different Meanings

1. THINGY (thing-ee) n.
Female.....Any part under a car's hood.
Male.....The strap fastener on a woman's bra.

2. VULNERABLE (vul-ne-ra-bel) adj.
Female....Fully opening up one's self emotionally to another.
Male....Playing football without a cup.

3. COMMUNICATION (ko-myoo-ni-kay-shon) n.
Female....The open sharing of thoughts and feelings with one's partner.
Male....Leaving a note before taking off on a fishing trip with the boys.

4. COMMITMENT (ko-mit-ment) n.
Female....A desire to get married and raise a family.
Male.....Trying not to hit on other women while out with this one.

5. ENTERTAINMENT (en-ter-tayn-ment) n.
Female....A good movie, concert, play or book.
Male..... Anything that can be done while drinking beer.

6. FLATULENCE (flach-u-lens) n.
Female....An embarrassing byproduct of indigestion.
Male......A source of entertainment, self-expression, male bonding.

7. MAKING LOVE (may-king luv) n.
Female......The greatest expression of intimacy a couple can achieve.
Male....Call it whatever you want, just as long as we do it.

8. REMOTE CONTROL (ri-moht kon-trohl) n.
Female....A device for changing from one TV channel to another.
Male....A device for scanning through all 375 channels every 5 minutes

Well, I hope I`ve vindicated myself to women without betraying my chauvanistic male point of view.
Anything to add?

- Joatmoaf -

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All Things CENTCOM

CENTCOM has a nice little website with the most detailed information on pertainant military issues you`ll find anywhere, and I`ve added them to the Blogroll.

Here`s the type of articles you`ll find there:

Close quarters combat training preps Afghans

Story and photos by Pfc. Vincent C. Fusco TF Bayonet Public Affairs, 20th Public Affairs Detachment

KANDAHAR CITY, Afghanistan – An Afghan National Army soldier takes off shuffling across the dirt, brandishing his AK-47 ready to engage whatever steps in front of him. “Stop!” The instructor calls out. “Let’s work on getting in place first.”

This ANA soldier and his comrades of the Kandahar City Provincial Reaction Force are learning the fundamentals of close quarters combat and room clearing. Though eager to learn, some of the soldiers need time to learn the abbreviated training.

“We kind of skipped the crawl-walk-run technique and went right into the room clearing technique,” said Army 1st Lt. Christian Stone, the officer in charge of the PRF from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 173rd Airborne Brigade.

Every day but Friday, Stone and Army 1st Sgt. Charles Scott Werley, noncommissioned officer in charge of the PRF from HHC, 173rd, work with the force to teach basic soldiering skills.

“The ANA are used to having commanding officers training them,” said Werley. “I have 19 years experience, so [Stone and I] became that part of the equation.”

They worked to establish an NCO corps, assign squad leaders and teach the ANA sergeants how to inspect their soldiers for water and ammunition.

The force was primed for room clearing training by learning basic and close-quarters marksmanship in an urban environment.

“We had to go through some stress trying to teach them to take single shots rather than laying lead down,” said Stone. “They love to fire on automatic.”

“The training is based on the fundamentals of infantry tactics,” said Werley, whose previous mission experience includes Operation Just Cause in Panama with the 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.

Stone’s biggest concern over the close-quarters fight is that “it’s fast-moving and very unforgiving. Not only is the enemy a significant threat to you, but so are your buddies.”

The area of Kandahar City is a combination of rural and urban environments, said Stone. The training gives the soldiers a chance to become more familiar with how to move and fight while being aware of the things around them.

“It’s difficult for them to learn sometimes because we’ll give them a sit-down period to do the basics,” said Stone. “Some don’t pay attention and they’re lost in the training. So we give a briefing, go out and do it, then cover a review. The part they get most out of is actually doing it.”

Stone and Werley found themselves adapting their American methods of training to fit an Afghan mold. They discovered that even a safety switch on the AK-47 markedly different from the M16 can change they way they teach the class.

“The M16 has a switch you can select with your thumb,” said Werley. “But with the AK-47, you have to take your hand off the grip a bit to switch it.”

“Do things go as smoothly as you want? No,” said Werley. “It’s something you smooth out when you do international training. Even with American troops, different units do different things.”

The time and effort put into teaching the force is paying off: it paid off during visits to the polling sites before Sept. 18.

“We didn’t have to say anything and they fell straight into things,” said Werley.

The visits gave the force a chance to practice their security skills, said Stone. At each stop, the soldiers dismounted from the truck, established a security perimeter around each site and watched for suspicious people.

“They were on it,” said Werley. “It was good initiative, and they were doing it right. That’s what training’s for.”

Despite problems in translation, Stone and Werley are dedicated to teaching the force how to become better, faster soldiers in their own right.

“These guys are a dedicated response team in Kandahar Province,” said Werley. “They need to learn to constantly train to be an effective fighting force.”

The only time you`ll find something like that in the MSN is when it slips past The Editors radar under the guise of a "Human Interest" story.

Or how about this from the What Extremists Are Saying link:

[Translated from Arabic]

October 04, 2005

CENTCOM: A recent posting to the UK-based Islamic Renewal Organization website assigned the “al-Qa'ida Organization in America led by Abu-Azzam al-Amriki” the task of blowing up a US nuclear reactor in the near future. This fantasy threat will go unfulfilled as the terrorists realize that any type of mass destruction attack would harm everyone. It would not only mean the end of al-Qa’ida and similar gangster-type organizations which routinely kill innocent women and children, but will ultimately hurt the communities of the terrorists and their supporters. The right side of the law is not that which disrupts civilization and creates mayhem in the land or interferes with commerce, education, and the rights of men to raise their children safely. The terrorists have sent the message that their own families and neighbors are worth nothing and they are running out of places to hide. World history has proven that such brigands soon exceed their abilities and are justly punished.

“Terrorism: Participant Says al-Qa'ida in US Set to Attack Nuclear Reactor, Outlines Geographic Divisions"

On 3 October, "Ayaf" posted a message to the Islamic Renewal Organization's forum in which he stated that "orders to destroy a nuclear reactor in the US " have been assigned to the al-Qa'ida division in the US , which is led by Abu Azzam al-Amriki. The message also included the geographic area of responsibility for the al-Qa'ida leadership. "Ayaf" stated that he came about this information via a conversation with "brother Abu-Jandal," who he said is "close to al-Qa'ida leadership." "Ayaf" signs all his postings to the forum as "Al-Zarqawi's aide," and includes his email addresses: "cade7722@yahoo.co m and boda_8899@hotmail.com." The poster also included a photo of an individual in his signature. The individual sits before a background of Mecca . It is unclear whether this photo is of the author himself or someone else. Jihadist forum participants frequently include photos of "mujahidin martyrs" in their postings.

With everything you need to get the real story on what`s happening in the war on terror, CENTCOM is the place to be.

If that weren`t enough, they`ve got pictures, pictures, pictures, and even more pictures."

Go check 'em out.

- Joatmoaf -

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October 05, 2005


A website, U.S. Nuclear testing, and a Type-O.
That such a small thing could almost cause an international incident.

From NPR
March, 11, 2005 An astonishing revelation appeared on a Web site about U.S. nuclear testing. It was a document apparently saying the U.S. conducted nuclear tests in Sudan in the 1960s. The House Armed Services Committee discussed the tests. The Sudanese government investigated and demanded explanation. The U.S. blamed it on a typo. The testing was not in Sudan, S-U-D-A-N, but Sedan -- S-E-D-A-N, Nevada.

I wish I knew who first posted the typo.

- Joatmoaf -

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