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June 22, 2005


I`ve not gone anywhere or decided to let the site linger into limbo. I just have priorities, and due to circumstances I Love Jet Noise isn`t a top priority.

A guy`s gotta eat and he needs to keep a roof over his head while having a vehicle(s) to get to and fro.
He needs a dishwasher, floor polisher and lawn mower too and since I`m not married I have to do those menial tasks myself, (that little jibe is for my FemiNazi friends :)

To those of you still coming here I will tell you that I appreciate it more than you know.
I haven`t written anything for a while because of several reasons.

It takes time to first, find something that I find intriguing and want to share with you. And it takes time to try and track down all the info on it.

It also helps if you can type faster than 20 WPM.

Personally, I would rather read other blogs and post comments. There are millions of them and they have better topics which are written much more eloquantly than anything I could put to page.

Be that as it may, Jet Noise is still my baby and when I started this blog (more on a challange from Scott Ott) I made a commitment to keep it.

This site will be here until I get Raptured. After that you`re on your own.

I`ve just been very busy lately. I work Emergency Maintenance, some of it critical (like today) for the government at a Navy base.
I`ve been to school at FSU twice in the last 6 weeks and it looks like I have more in store for the future (on your dime) so please keep in mind that after a 9 or 12 hour day of work I still have work related obligations to attend to.

This is not an excuse for my lack of posting, it`s simply some reasons.

In a nutshell. I`m still here. I haven`t forgotten you and I will find some facinating Sooper Seekrit info to post from time to time.

For instance: Did you know that if you have Windows XP and "Query Search" enabled (it`s in "Computer Management"), you can download the CIA Factbook 2005 and do a text search "How do I gain Access to my files?" and it will pop up a link (probably on page 2) to an NSA document in Notepad that gives you detailed, step by step instructions on how to configure your Registry in such a way as to lock out all unwanted hackers and intruders except for those who are very good and actually targeting your computer?

Anyway that`s the kind of stuff I`ve been reading lately and that`s just the tip of the iceberg. The thing is, I follow all of the links, which gets tedious.

Here`s something else I`ve taken an intense interest in. Mainly because I`ve submitted a problem that they`ve shown an interest in. I may possibly get to run a simulation. Not me personally, their techs, but the problem has to follow all of my parameters.

I already have the encryption codes for access to their database, I just can`t do what I need to do from a PC.

Yes, it`s a government super computer nexis, for scientific and educational research (not military, they have their own) but private, non-affiliated citizens can submit legitimate problems for consideration. If it`s deemed worthy, (meaning, they would like to know the answer too) it`s approved.

Mine has to do with astro-physical ballistics on a cosmic scale. ( The collision of certain types of stars under certain circumstances and the results thereof)
It may get shot down, but they were very interested.

So to all my Homies and Homettes, thanks for coming back from time to time and checking up on the site and here`s a commitment; I will start posting more often and on a more regular basis.

I may find someone to guest post on occasion, but at any rate, please forgive my lapse in posting and thank you very much for your loyalty.
I consider Loyalty the highest form of Character.

- Joatmoaf -

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