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March 25, 2005

A Few Things To Prove I`m Not Dead

I don`t want to end up like Terri Schiavo and have a judge kill me just because I haven`t shown many signs of life around here recently, so I figured I`d better post something.

Even if the State Nazis were to decide that I should "Die With Dignity" I would hope that they would follow my definitions of "quick and painless" and "humane" and just put a bullet in my brain, instead of their definitions by starving me to death.

So here`s my proof that all is well and I ain`t dead yet.

Thanks to Schadenfreude I`ve got a sports question.

How many points do you get when you make a basket like This?

2? 3? Or possibly 4?

And while you`re there go look at the pictures of

John from WuzzaDem asks a very good question relating to the Terri Schiavo case. A question with a TWIST.

On This Day

March 25, 1957: European Common Market Founded

"On March 25, 1957, France, West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg sign a treaty in Rome establishing the European Economic Community (EEC), also known as the Common Market. The EEC, which came into operation in January 1958, was a major step in Europe's movement toward economic and political union."

Let us know how that works our for you.

This next Flash© video has a story to go with it from the creators of the video.

"A military mom named Millie sent me an email which explained how she was sent a link to our "Until Then" presentation on Christmas eve. She had lost her son in Iraq in March of 2003. As she watched, she saw one of the last pictures taken of her son, sitting relaxed, reading a newspaper. I have pondered greatly on that happenstance and of the many families that have lost loved ones in this conflict. Some have spoken against our presence in Iraq. But I believe that those who have given their lives in this war have done so for a great and noble purpose. One only needs to look at the faces of those who voted in the first free Iraqi election in 50 years."

Until Then

This next one is my personal favorite. I had it up when I first began the blog, but that link went dead, so I found a new one.

We Support You

Joatmoaf (I ain't dead yet)

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Well I for one am glad to hear it :)

Keep it up, Joat. We'll be around.

Posted by: Cassandra at Mar 25, 2005 4:05:03 PM

We wish you a Merry Easter

We wish you a Merry Easter

We wish you a Merry Easter

cause springtime is here!

Posted by: papertiger at Mar 27, 2005 1:43:39 AM


Remember to shift around in your chair from time to time, so people won't start renovating you.

Posted by: papertiger at Mar 27, 2005 1:50:03 AM

I ain't dead yet - Joatmoaf

< British Accent &gtYou're not fooling anyone you know. You'll be stone dead in a moment. < /British Accent >

Posted by: Masked Menace© at Mar 28, 2005 3:45:03 PM

Yes, Joatmoaf, but you still live in Flori-duh, and they might want to take your feeding tube out.

I'd like to see the carnage when they try.

Posted by: purple raider at Mar 31, 2005 7:42:25 PM

Love the baby pics. Glad to know you have not been declared dead.

Posted by: Cricket at Apr 5, 2005 10:15:52 PM

However, we are beginning to wonder.

Posted by: purple raider at Apr 8, 2005 5:23:21 PM

Thanks for getting this up so quickly! I know it's not easy and it's obvious you really read the entries. Thanks for all your work

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- Joatmoaf-

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