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December 15, 2004

With the Christmas Holiday upon us many of us will be traveling the highways and byways to visit family and friends. It`s a time of joy and happiness as family members once again come together after being apart. A time to reminisce about old things and to get excited as you hear of the new things that have happened since last time.

Unfortunately it can also be a time for grief and sorrow. One wrong decision can have devastating consequences on everyone you know.

Please spend 4 minutes and 50 seconds to watch this video.

Have a happy and safe Holiday.

- Joatmoaf -

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December 09, 2004

Christmas Miracle `03

Have you ever experienced a miracle, or witnessed one, or know someone who has?  I`m not talking about your average everyday convenient coincidence, I mean an undeniable miracle?  I have more than once, and while I might be able to convince some of you of it, others would scoff or try to rationalize it away, mainly because they affected me on a private level. In my case since it was personal to me and not witnessed by others one could either take my word for it, or not.

On the other hand....what if it was something witnessed and obvious and unexplainable? And that it happened on Christmas eve is the cherry on the whipped cream on the banana split of life.

You decide. Read the story.

- Joatmoaf -

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C-130 Carrier Quals

Way back in the old days when dinosaurs ruled the earth, I did a Mediterranean cruise on the USS Sarratoga (CV-60). O.K. it was 1980.  Maybe not dinosaur days but close. Anyway, one of the rumors that immediately impressed me was that our Skipper had once landed a C-130 on an Aircraft Carrier and taken off.

If you`re familiar with the military you know that most of the scuttlebutt (rumors) that make their rounds are mainly intended to impress the gullible. The first thing a shop will do to a brand new, fresh out of boot camp newbie is send them on a search for the elusive 10 foot of bulkhead or to find a bulkhead stretcher or in the case of airmen, a search for a pad eye wrench or the keys to a particular aircraft, none of which ever existed.

I say that from a Navy jet engine mechanic perspective, but each branch and rate has their own non existant item that they simply must have, RIGHT NOW !

I fell for the "keys to the aircraft" trick but nothing else after that, so when I heard that our C.O. had landed and launched a C-130 off a Carrier of course I was skeptical.

A Carrier is a huge beast of a ship with enough flight deck area to hold 3 simultaneous football games on, but a C-130 is a beast in its own right. With a wingspan of 132 ft. and a takeoff weight of 85,000 lbs. empty. Common sense would tell you that an Aircraft Carrier is the last place you want to land and takeoff on in a C-130.

This was 1980 when I heard the rumor, so Al Gore hadn`t invented the internet yet and Google was just a number with 64 zeros behind it. The only kind of computer that we had access to were P.E.T. 64Ks ( I think ) with a cassette drive. So with no way of backing up this absurd claim you can understand why I was skeptical...at first.

After serving a little time on the Sara I got to know a little more about our Skipper, James H. Flatley III ( Capt. at the time ) who's father was an Admiral and I believe his grandfather was also. I was more inclined to believe that it could have happened, but I wouldn`t say it openly.

Jump to the future 24 years where, thanks to Al Gore we have the internet, and since Google has gotten out of the numbers racket, the fact or fiction of a rumor is just a click away.

Lo and Behold he actually DID land and take off on a Carrier. Not only that but he did it 21 times under varying circumstances including under a maximum load of 121,000 lbs.

"The initial sea-born landings on 30 October 1963 were made into a 40-knot wind. Altogether, the crew successfully negotiated 29 touch-and-go landings, 21 unarrested full-stop landings, and 21 unassisted takeoffs at gross weights of 85,000 pounds up to 121,000 pounds. At 85,000 pounds, the KC-130F came to a complete stop within 267 feet, about twice the aircraft's wing span!"

Read all about it HERE.  After you read it, download and view the 2 short videos of a landing and a takeoff at the bottom of the page.

I had never seen any confirmation of this rumor until today and the only reason I have it now is because I told the guys at Arresting Gear about it a couple of times and one of them finally decided to check the facts.

Landing on an Aircraft Carrier is the most stressful thing a pilot can do. Navy and Marine pilots have said that Carrier landings cause their Pucker Factor to go to maximum like nothing else, and medical studies through monitors have indicated consistently that it is more stressful than actual combat and those are much smaller aircraft than a C-130, so imagine the finesse, not to mention the Pucker Factor, needed to land a beast like that on a Carrier.

Simply amazing is all I can say and.....Navy pilots RULE !

Fly Navy

Thanks to Bart and Scott

- Joatmoaf -

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December 07, 2004

Cassandras Site

For those of you still coming here (all 2 of you) hoping that Cassandra might post again, it ain`t happening.

Because I`m such a Diabolically Mean Spirited Poopy Head and Harsh Task Master she ran off with her tail between her legs to go lick her wounds after the brutal verbal beating I gave her.

I know that`s what some of you thought when she left but I didn`t mind because I kind of like being thought of as a Diabolically Mean Spirited Poopy Head and Harsh Task Master, it has a nice ring to it. I can also add Harsh Task Master to the litany of things that I am Master Of. Sweet deal.

The good news in case you didn`t know (all 2 of you) is that Cassandras site is up and running smoothly.

Go say "Hi".

- Joatmoaf -

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On This Day

December 7, 1941 - Japanese forces launched a suprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (U.S.)

Hanukkah begins at sundown.

- Joatmoaf -

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December 06, 2004

Fair Winds and Following Seas

I want to bid fair winds and following seas to Cassandra as she moves on to bigger and better things. I also want to thank her for everything she has done to bring everyone here a little closer together here. The quality and quantity of her posts has made this site one of the most informative blogs anywhere on the web.

Who knew she would take to it like a fish to water? Well, I did actually. From her comments at Scrappleface I knew she just needed someplace to express herself. I had a blog but not much time or many topics to write, she had a lot to say but not many places to say it all so I asked her to write a topic or two over here.

To be honest I had a pretty good idea that she would take to it so easily and that she would be so good at it. I also anticipated that she would eventually leave for bigger and better things. I`m not surprised that she quit authoring here, I`m only surprised that it lasted as long as it did. ( I had a bet with myself that she would quit  mid December , I lost by 3 weeks )

Because of everything she has done here this site has been blessed greatly. The quality and quantity of the topics, the quality and quantity of the readers and the fact that I Love Jet Noise had turned into exactly the kind of site I wanted. A site where you can come to get comfortable, get informed and get friendly. All of this is due to Cassandra and I am blessed because of it.

I never expected her to stay here permanently even though I hoped she might. When things outgrow their surroundings they must move on or die. It`s not because I stifled  her with rules or regulations, that`s comical because there really weren`t any accept the no cussing one, and she never had a problem with that.

No, I expect her to have her own site up and running in the near future because it`s in her blood. It`s like a kid in a candy store, she can`t resist, and while she did almost everything here concerning this blog ( except cleaning up Troll turds and deleting rude or in-appropriate comments, that`s my job ) it`s not her site.

That was never important to me for obvious reasons, but it is to her for reasons which I understand and totally agree with. For one thing, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep a blog running smoothly, to find and then post informative topics and then to educate or elucidate on those topics. It takes even more to do it while you are working while still getting your paying job done and even making it a regular part of you routine life. She put a lot of effort into this site to get it to where it is, but it`s like paying rent on a house, although you might live there and feel comfortable there it`s not yours. So I knew this was going to happen eventually. Like a bird leaving the nest she grew up in, Cassandra needs to spread her wings and may the success and the blessings of God be with her in whatever she does because I have been greatly blessed by her presence here.

I take pride in the fact that I scored such a coup in the first place.

Who knew?

I did.

Thank you Cassandra from the bottom of my heart and may all your endeavors be successful and don`t forget us "little people" when you make it big.

P.S. This site isn`t going anywhere. However I haven`t been online much lately and since Cass has been doing everything, and I mean everything, I need to start gearing up for some topics. I won`t go into details but I`ve been busy doing one thing or another 12-18 hours a day. I bought a camper that need a little work, my truck and Toyota need work and it wouldn`t hurt to paint my Ford Probe. Add to that the fact I`ve decided to get out of here and have been preparing for it, I just haven`t decided where I want to go. So, patience Grasshoppers, I`ll start posting more often. Just don`t expect Cassandra quality writing and you won`t be disappointed.

- Joatmoaf -

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