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October 08, 2004

Bigley Killed During Escape?

Still unconfirmed, but via Jeff Quinton

Two television stations, quoting sources, reported Friday that British hostage Kenneth Bigley had been killed by his captors.
At the Pentagon, meanwhile, U.S. military sources told NBC News that they have reports from Iraq that Bigley might have been killed while trying to escape. The reports indicate that a number of "others" who might have been trying to help Bigley escape were also killed, the sources said.
Abu Dhabi Television quoted what it described as informed sources, while Britain's Sky Television Sky Television cited a British government source.
Neither the British Foreign Office nor Prime Minister Tony Blair’s office were immediately able to confirm the report.

h/t Blogs of War

Al-Jazeera report

From The Scotsman:

His brother Paul said he was praying the claim was not true.
But the Foreign Office in London said: “We are trying urgently to corroborate reports that Mr Bigley has been killed, but have not yet done so.
“We are in close touch with Mr Bigley’s family at this difficult time.”
The TV station reported that informed sources in Iraq had confirmed the 62-year-old Liverpool born engineer had been killed by the militant group led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was filmed beheading two Americans snatched with Mr Bigley.
There were also reports from the militant stronghold of Fallujah in Iraq that Mr Bigley had been beheaded yesterday afternoon near Baghdad.
There was no official confirmation in London or Baghdad.
It is not the first time that it has been reported that Mr Bigley had been killed.
But a previous claim on a website was quickly dismissed as unreliable.
Earlier this week Mr Bigley was granted an Irish passport in a desperate attempt to convince his captors that he was not a British citizen.
The ordeal has taken its toll on his Irish-born mother Lil, 86, who has been treated in hospital several times.
And the wait has been agony for Mr Bigley’s Thai-born wife Sombat, who has made emotional appeals for mercy.
Mr Bigley was captured just weeks before his official retirement when he would have joined her in Thailand.

UPDATE: Sorry, but I've been kind of busy: Via Blogs of War: Reuters says Muslim militants have released a video of the beheading.

- Cassandra

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My thoughts and prayers go out to this mans family.

That is the way you do it. If you are going to die anyway, go out trying to get away and deny them their stupid online propoganda stunt.


Posted by: Pile On® at Oct 8, 2004 2:16:28 PM

Prayers and healing to his family, along with a hero's kudos. What a brave soul.

Posted by: La Femme Crickita at Oct 8, 2004 2:25:40 PM

I agree with you Pile On. If you are from some panty waste Asian or European country, you might want to wait it out, knowing that there is a chance that your country will release a prisoner or bring troops home for you. But if you are a British or American or Austrailian, you might as well fight and run because you if you don't you are going to end up dead.

Posted by: KJ at Oct 8, 2004 4:22:21 PM

That's why I posted this one. Normally I don't - I refuse to give the terrorists free publicity.

I put the Korean hostage up because they refused to give in and I wanted to honor their decision. Plus it sickened me what they reduced that poor man to.

I put the Italian up because he died like a man, throwing it in their teeth.

I put this up because they said he died after trying to escape.

I hate those sons of b****** and I'm glad Mr. Bigley is at peace.

Posted by: Cassandra at Oct 8, 2004 4:27:45 PM

From the MSNBC story:

"One spoke in Arabic, saying they planned to carry out “the sentence of execution against this hostage” because the British government “did not meet our demand” to release Iraqi women detained by the U.S.-led command in Iraq."

Iraqi women?

Where do we have Iraqi women as prisoners?

The only woman Iraqi we have in custody was the head of Saddam's chemical weapon department.


Posted by: purple raider at Oct 8, 2004 4:55:14 PM

I think fairness would dictate that the hostage should be given an opportunity to wear a bomb belt and take out a few of the terrorist hostage takers.

Posted by: KJ at Oct 8, 2004 4:55:55 PM

We have the PhD. Dr. Chem cocktail in Abu Ghraib, and there are a couple of other Ba'ath era pro Saddam supporters imprisoned as well.

Tonight's menu: Fruit salad, taco soup, queso and chips.

Posted by: La Femme Crickita at Oct 8, 2004 6:12:28 PM

Tonite's menu: the Unit had better be planning to take me out to the local pub for a few beers and a small steak. I am exhausted...

Posted by: Cassandra at Oct 8, 2004 6:50:32 PM

Hah, I thought you were going to say you wanted a hambooger.

I too am having red meat for the debate. Town hall type meetings get kinda touchy feely so it may be the only meat I get. Texas beefsteak.

Posted by: Pile On® at Oct 8, 2004 7:08:10 PM

One has to wonder, is a Muslim woman safer in one of our prisons, or, is she safer in the hands of a Muslim man?

By the same token, is a prisoner in Abu Ghraib safer than a Westerner held by one of his bretheren? Perhaps Mr. Rather will answer the question for us.

Posted by: RIslander at Oct 11, 2004 6:40:41 PM