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July 21, 2004

FoxNews Hardly "Outfoxed"

If you've wondered in passing why the mainstream media are hyperventilating about FoxNews, ponder no more. Despite cries of violated journalistic principals from various media bigwigs, neither objectivity, 'fairness', nor any other such altruistic concern is at issue.

The real reason is simple, according to Brent Bozell: since 1994, ABC, NBC, and CBS have lost approximately 50 percent of their viewers. CNN and MSNBC are doing even worse. But Fox's viewership is growing. Moreover, the American public no longer trusts the media.

"Fifteen years ago you had about 20 percent of the American people that believed the media were biased. Today that number is 89 percent," Bozell says.

You know things are going over the top when MoveOn.org weighs in with another of their unintentionally funny crocumentaries, this one dubbed by some blinding wit "Outfoxed". Enlisting MoveOn.org as a tactic is about to become the next incarnation of Godwin's Law: a virtual admission that one has embarked on a lost cause. Like the Bandar-Log, MoveOn.org sit in the treetops, flinging filth on passersby.

Here we sit in a branchy row,
Thinking of beautiful things we know;
Dreaming of deeds that we mean to do,
All complete, in a minute or two—
Something noble and grand and good,
Won by merely wishing we could.

Now we’re going to—never mind,
Brother, thy tail hangs down behind!

All the talk we ever have heard
Uttered by bat or beast or bird
Hide or fin or scale or feather
Jabber it quickly and all together!
Excellent! Wonderful! Once again!
Now we are talking just like men.

Let’s pretend we are . . . Never mind!
Brother, thy tail hangs down behind!
This is the way of the Monkey-kind!

By the rubbish in our wake, and the noble noise we make,
Be sure—be sure, we’re going to do some splendid things!

Meanwhile, Fox reports the news and the rest of the world goes about its business. One hopes that, like Bagheera and Baloo, modern parents will teach their young that some things are just beneath their dignity to notice.

- Cassandra

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I sent a trackback, but it didn't show up, so here's a link to my post that references yours ('LOVE it!):

Get that document out of your ear. You don't know WHERE that document has been.*

Posted by: Sissy Willis at Jul 21, 2004 10:42:21 AM

Thanks Sissy :) I don't know why that happens - sometimes it happens to me too. If you want, I can try to trackback to your post - don't know if that will work better.

Posted by: Cassandra at Jul 21, 2004 10:55:50 AM

That does my heart SOOO much good.
My love for the MSM knows no bounds.
It has no beginning. Therefore it has no end.

IMHO--FOX's numbers skyrocketed somewhere around early November 2000...having something to do with an event in FL. Whatever the phenomenon was--it blew the masks right off of Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, Elizabeth Vargas and "the family". Most Americans kept trying to adjust the colors on their set because they turned vividly ugly any time the news was on. Weird, eh?

Too bad that their continual rise to success will be cut short by the hand of the mighty Mickey Moore(on). Well, the prophetic utterance from the all eating...err..all knowing MooreStraDumb@ss only gives FOX about 11 months to live. He did after all promise to fund his Kevorkian job on them with the profits from the "prophets" millions made off of mocking American tragedies.

Posted by: CK CaT at Jul 21, 2004 11:45:24 AM

You know... I'm still considering constructing a parallel site to parody that Steisand site - it could be fun.

The only thing stopping me so far is lack of time.

But if anyone wants to help me write, I'd love to do it. I'd love to get BTS involved - his wit would be deadly :)

Posted by: Cassandra at Jul 21, 2004 11:51:56 AM